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How to Start Making Money With Affiliate Product Reviews Websites

How to Start Making Money With Affiliate Product Reviews Websites

Legitimate reviews are a great way to get visitors to your web site if you market affiliate products. But where and how do you get started if you’ve never done it before? This article is meant to offer you a helping hand and provide you with a meaningful plan of action to get your own affiliate product reviews website online and making you money.

The first thing that must be understood is that it does take some time to start bringing in an income but, with some work and planning, you can be one of the pros. Experience is a great helper in growing your income so it’s best not to wait around waiting for something to happen. Jump right in and get started with the attitude that you ARE going to do this and you WILL succeed.

Do not be passive, join forums and ask questions, keep notes, and learn what you need to know about the various aspects of affiliate marketing: Writing Articles, Search Engines, reciew hosting and Domains, Email Marketing, and Copywriting, among others.

Finding An Affiliate Product To Market
There are many services on the internet that will allow you to pick and choose products, made by other companies, that you can then market and sell from your own website using an affiliate link.

For example, ClickBank is one of these companies and allows you to sell digital products uploaded to their marketplace. They have a search feature allowing you to fine-tune the list of products you might promote.

Once you have decided on an affiliate product or products that you would like to market it’s time to do keyword research to find the most appropriate keywords and phrases to optimize your website, articles, and other content. There are many online tools available to aid in keyword research.

Website Technical Details
Now on to the technical details. Below is a list of technologies that you will need to set up a web site.


  1. Register A Domain Name The first item on the list is a domain name. It’s preferable to select a name that contains keywords related to your website. For example, if your website pertains to weight loss products you might check to see if lose-weight-products.com was available to register.
  2. Set Up A Web Server The next step is to host your domain on a web server. There are many web hosting companies on the internet, including Hostgator.com, Seohosting.com, and many others. Once your hosting account is set up and your domain hosted, visitors will then be able to reach your website which brings us to the next step…
  3. Set Up A Website Finally, you need to create a website. The main objective is to add your product or products to your website with the ability for visitors to leave reviews and comments for the products. Each of your products will have your affiliate link placed so that when the visitor clicks to view it they will be taken to the website through your affiliate link. You get credit for the sale and make some money while the visitor benefits by reading the reviews to help them make a decision on whether to make the purchase or not. It’s a no-lose situation, everyone wins!

Marketing Your Affiliate Product
Now comes one of the more challenging tasks, getting visitors to your website. There are many options available with which you can generate traffic.



  1. Search Engine Submissions One method is to optimize your site for search engine traffic. This is more effective if you can find niche products to market that will have less competition and give you a better chance for higher rankings.
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising A more risky, yet potentially rewarding, method is to advertise your site through pay-per-click advertising services. These services allow you to place bids for certain keywords and phrases. This allows you to fine tune your traffic to very specific keywords with the disadvantage that it costs money.
  3. Email Marketing Email marketing can be very effective. The use of Squeeze Pages are efficient in generating long term targeted mailing lists with which you can generate traffic. Squeeze pages allow a visitor to get something for free, like an e-book, in exchange for their email address being added to your list.
  4. Miscellaneous There are many other methods out there to generate traffic to your reviews website and with a little research you will be able to find the methods most effective in generating TARGETED traffic.


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