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University of London – World’s Top Online and Distance University

University of London – World’s Top Online and Distance University

Founded in 1836, The University of London is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the UK. It has over 100,000 students in total, plus an additional 40,000 external students in over 180 countries.

The university is recognized internationally as a centre of academic excellence and it has produced over 55 Nobel Prize winners to date. Its famous alumni include the Prime Minister of Mozambique, President of South Africa, President of Zimbabwe, to name a few.

The university is a federation of 20 leading Colleges and a number of specialist Institutes. Following are some of the University of London Federal Colleges:

London Business School

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Queen Mary

University College London

School of Oriental & African Studies – SOAS

Kings College London

Institute of Education

Royal Holloway

London School of Economics and Political Science – LSE

Royal Academy of Music

According to “The Best and Worst Online làm bằng đại học uy tín Programs 2021″, the University of London is ranked Number One in the world for its best online degree programs. It offers over 100 distance qualifications through the University of London External Programme (now known as the University of London External System). The External System offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students worldwide. All students, both internal and external, are awarded with the same University of London degrees upon completion of the program.

Undergraduate programs:

Following are some of the subject areas offered in its undergraduate qualifications:



Business Administration

Computing and Information Systems









Politics Sociology

Postgraduate programs are offered in a variety of Arts and Science disciplines, including the most popular MBA program (directed by the Lead College – Imperial College London).


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